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Dental Grants

for Implants, Basic & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Our Mission

The Dental Grants Program is a research, information and funding organization founded in 2015 by dental practitioners and industry professionals.

The fundamental mission of our Organization is founded in the belief that everyone deserves a confident, healthy smile.

We advance our mission by way of our Dental Grant Program, which facilitates Grants towards cosmetic dentistry procedures that help people improve their self confidence, overall oral health and general aesthetic appearance.

The Dental Grant Program is a for-profit organization, and the dentists who participate in the program cover Grants as well as pay fees to cover administrative and advertising costs.

It is only through this arrangement that we are able to make cosmetic dentistry more affordable, run media campaigns and sustain the program itself.

Dentists that participate in our program typically do so because they enjoy helping people and think it is important to maintain and improve oral health.

Additionally, our Organization creates and supports programs that foster a positive relationship between dentists, their patients and their local communities.

The Dental Grants Program is dedicated to providing affordable options for cosmetic and dental implant care to all persons that are not fully satisfied with their smile.

We intend to continually achieve this by:

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of a confident smile.

  • Providing contributing dental practitioners with patient-focused advocacy programs; and,

  • Expanding our Organization to new communities across North America every year.

Vision Statement:

A Better Smile, For life.

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