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Dental Grants Program

Health Betterment Inc.

Increase Your Case Acceptance by Referring Your Patients for Financing.

Health Betterment Inc offers dental financing for non-grant patients. Given our knowledge and experience in the dental industry, we have built a financing system that serves you and your patients.

By referring your patients to us, you will enjoy:

  • Quick responses on Approval

  • Higher Case Acceptance

  • Returning Patients

  • Dental and Financing Professionals at Your Disposal


To start referring non-grant patients, you can reach out to your Account Manager.

Dental Financing


About Health Betterment Inc.

Health Betterment Inc. brings financial solutions for you and your patients.

Quick Response on Approval

We have state of the art financing tools that allow us to do a thorough financial check on your patients to determine eligibility.


When you submit a patient referral for financing, you can expect a response in less than 48hrs.

Higher Case Acceptance

Our industry knowledge, resources, and professional staff work together with you and your patients to increase the likelihood of getting approved.

Furthermore, our financing terms can be flexible to fit your patients' needs.

Returning Patients

When your patients get approved, they will receive 5% cashback into a spending account at your clinic, encouraging your patients to return for dental hygiene appointments, whitening after their treatment, etc.

Dental and Financing Professionals at Your Disposal

When you refer a patient, you will have direct access to a Program Consultant and a Credit Specialist.

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