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Need Dental Work but Don't Have all the Funds?

The Dental Grants Program provides you with the opportunity to pay less for implants, basic and cosmetic dentistry services.

Thanks to participating dentists, and a commitment on your part, you can qualify for a Dental Grant that will reduce the cost of your dental work by a minimum of 25%, and up to 30%, depending on your procedure.


There are no claim forms to fill out or reimbursement payments to wait for and since the Grant comes from the dentist, it is automatically deducted up front from the cost of your treatment.

Healthy individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations are ideal candidates to participate in this program. Learn More

How the Dental Grants Program works

How the Program Works

You can be confident you're saving money and that you will be in the care of a trusted, compassionate, experienced dentist that's ready to help you achieve your objectives.

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Patient Advocacy

A Patient Advocate will support you through your dental treatment journey by answering your questions and speaking on your behalf with the dentist.

Dental Grants Program Support

Get Support

Looking to contact us, update your application, add financing, get information or find an answer to your question? Visit our Help Center for more information.

Dental Financing

Payment Plans

Need help paying for the part of your treatment that's not covered by the Grant? Combine your Dental Grant with an installment plan to get all the financial help you need.

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