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Dental Grants for Implants, Basic & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Patient Advocacy

Congratulations on your choice to participate in the Dental Grants Program!

Advocating on Your Behalf

Following your enrollment, a Patient Advocate will be assigned to you.

Patient Advocates are trained dental professionals with extensive clinical and dental office experience.

After your consultation, your Patient Advocate will help explain your Grant amount and treatment plan options while they advocate on your behalf with the participating dentist.

Working together, they will support you through your dental treatment journey and assist you in your decision-making to free you from the worry of missing something important. 

You can be confident that the process will be thorough and completely understood.

Your Patient Advocate will liaison between you and the dental clinic, providing you with the pros and cons of your recommended dental treatment.

And because we *guarantee your payments to the dentist, we take the time to review your bills and explain anything you don't understand.

Not happy with the recommended dental treatment? Let us know and we can find an alternative solution to help meet your needs.

We will help you find a solution and a way to make it happen.

With your shared commitment, we are confident that our Dental Grant, along with the added efforts of your Patient Advocate, will help reduce the cost of your dental work and produce long-lasting benefits for your oral health.

In order to make sure all of our combined efforts are successful, please take a moment to read the Patient Advocacy Agreement.

*Requires Enrollment in the Payment Plan Program

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