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Dental Grants

for Implants, Basic & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental Grants Program

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About the Dental Grants Program

The Dental Grants Program is a cost-saving program operated in combination with participating dentists.

It starts with us providing each participating dentist with patient-focused services such as:


  • Patient intake & screening

  • Patient Scheduling

  • Appointment Confirmations

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Treatment plan education

  • Payment guarantee of patient's fees

  • Pre-financing qualification, and

  • Patient Advocacy

The dentist saves substantive costs by not requiring their own staff to perform these services. Those cost savings are then passed along to Grant applicants in the form of a 25-30% up-front reduction in the cost of the dentist's professional fees, on a one-time basis.

Participating dentists may also contribute a flat fee to the Dental Grants Program for each candidate to cover other costs like advertising.​


If/when the dentist pays fees to us, it is irrespective of patient outcomes.

A Dental Grant is free to apply for and is available to any resident that wishes to improve their oral health and return confidence to their smile.

To be eligible for consideration of a Dental Grant, an applicant needs to:

(a) apply online at; and,

(b) attend for a free consultation at a participating dental clinic; and,

(c) agree to pay the cost of the treatment plan that's not covered by the Dental Grant.

The initial consultation is free and usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

If you require a full examination, the Dentist will charge for the examination and x-rays.

Following your consultation, the dentist will make certain recommendations and may provide you with a treatment plan that sets out what you'll need in order to achieve your desired results.

The treatment plan will be carefully reviewed by your Patient Advocate who will advise how much your Grant covers and what your options are.


Why Should You Apply for a Dental Grant?

Who Applies for a Dental Grant?

Qualifying As a Candidate

Awarding of Dental Grants

Allocations & Conditions of Funding

How the Process Works

High-lights & Important Information

Why Should You Apply for a Dental Grant?

It all starts with wanting to have your smile reflect the confident person you truly are. The likelihood of committing to a treatment plan that will help you achieve your personal goals and enhance your self confidence becomes more attainable with a Dental Grant.


Who Applies for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant?
Cosmetic and implant dentistry has become a widely accepted way to achieve a healthy, confident smile and each year millions of North Americans from all socio-economic backgrounds share the same vision and goal of improving the appearance and function of their teeth with one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Qualifying As a Candidate
To determine your eligibility, you will need to attend for a consultation with a participating Dental Practitioner near you. 


Awarding of Dental Grants
All Grants only attribute to the dentist's professional fees and applicants are financially responsible for the components of the treatment plan that are not covered by the Grant.


Once your Grant and treatment plan is confirmed, you must commit to your treatment plan within 30 days, and you must begin treatment within 60 days following.

Should an applicant begin their cosmetic dentistry work with a dentist who is not a participating member of the Dental Grants Program, then the Grant cannot be deducted from the cost of the treatment plan, or provided in any way.

The Grant is deducted directly from the cost of your treatment plan and the applicant must make satisfactory arrangements to pay for the remaining balance.

Allocations & Conditions for Funding
To be eligible for consideration of a Dental Grant, you must attend at a participating dental office for a consultation, receive a treatment plan, and agree to pay for the component of the dental work that is not covered by the Dental Grant.

Also see: How the Program Works

Also see: Grant Applicant / Recipient Agreement

Also See: Program Rules & Regulations


How the Process Works

  1. An applicant submits a request for a Grant at our website.

  2. The applicant’s information is confirmed by a representative of our Organization.

  3. An appointment is booked for the applicant to attend at a participating dentist for a free consultation.

  4. If applicable, the participating dentist provides the applicant with a treatment plan that includes the cost to complete the dental work.

  5. The Patient Advocate provides the applicant with the exact amount of their Dental Grant and explains their options.

  6. If the applicant is satisfied with the treatment plan after the Grant amount is deducted, he/she can accept treatment and begin receiving services from the dentist.


High-lights & Important Information

  • There is no fee for the consultation, however if you request a full examination and x-rays, the dentist will charge a fee. (Depending on your case, the exam and x-ray fee can range from about $140 - $350)

  • There is no cost to apply.

  • Dental Grants do not need to be re-paid.

  • Treatment must begin within 30 days. 

  • You may only apply once for a Dental Grant.

  • Applicants are financially responsible for the component of their treatment plan that is not covered by the Dental Grant.

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