Dental Grants for Implants, General & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dental Grants Funding Source

How is the Dental Grants Program Funded?

The Dental Grants Program is a co-operative gift-giving program operated on behalf of the participating dentists.

It starts off with us providing each participating dentist with patient-focused services such as


  • Patient intake & screening

  • Patient Scheduling

  • Appointment Confirmations

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Treatment plan education

  • Financing pre-qualification

  • Dental fee Payment Guarantees, and

  • Patient Advocacy

Providing these services to the dentist saves them time, money and resources. Those savings are then passed on to you, the patient, in the form of a Dental Grant which becomes a reduction in the cost of your dental work thereby reducing the cost of your treatment by up to 30% on a one-time basis.

The Dental Grants Program also improves each patient's experience by providing the patient with a designated Advocate that will help cover all the issues so you can be confident that the process will be thorough and completely understood.

Learn More about our Patient Advocacy Commitment.

In some cases, participating dentists may also contribute a flat fee to the Dental Grants Program for each candidate to cover extra costs like advertising and financial services.​ When participating dentists pay fees, it is irrespective of patient outcomes.

All you need to do to receive a Dental Grant from a participating dentist is Enroll Today.


Is the Dental Grants Program only meant for people that cannot afford a dentist?

Dental Grants are for people that usually plan to invest in cosmetic dentistry anyway, but want the benefit of a financial incentive to do it now.

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is a common goal shared by most people.

Why doesn't the Grant cover 100% of my dental cost?

The Dental Grants Program is explicitly designed not to be the sole source of payment as there is an expectation that a candidate co-invests in their long-term oral health.

A candidate is expected to co-pay for their treatment through some combination of credit, savings or benefactors' help such as a parent or guardian.

Even the majority of Government grant programs, such as tuition and business grants, require the recipient to co-invest in their education or business start up.

Is the Dental Grants Progam meant to help Dentists Market themselves?

The Dental Grants Program provides dentists with an opportunity to gain new patients that otherwise would not have known about them, in the hope that the patient is satisfied with their service and continues to come back for ongoing treatment, such as cleanings, on a regular basis.

Satisfied patients may also recommend the dentist to their friends and family members.

What if I cannot afford Dental Treatment and/or I'm in Pain?

There are many government sponsored programs that can cover emergency, basic dentistry needs such as fillings for toothaches and extractions for broken teeth.

Check with the local or regional government agencies in your area for information and options.