Dental Grants

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How the Program Works

Step 1: Submit an Application

Start by submitting an application using the Enrollment Form.

It's free to enroll and takes just a few minutes.

Once you submit your application, we will confirm your address and identity, and approve you for a minimum 25% Grant.

You will also be invited to enroll for consideration of an interest-free installment plan so you can make short-term payments to cover the part of your dental treatment that's not covered by the Grant.

We will also ask you about:

  • Your dental history.

  • What kind of dental work you want done.

  • How soon you wish to start treatment.

You will receive a program orientation and will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Step 2: Exam & X-Rays by a Dentist

Once your details are confirmed, an appointment will be scheduled for you to attend at a participating dental office near you for an exam and x-rays.

Examinations are necessary in order for the dentist to properly diagnose any pre-existing problems with your mouth, gums and teeth so they can put together a proper estimate of the cost to complete the dental work you want done.

Please Note: The Dentist will charge approximately $157 - $386 for your exam and x-rays.

Following completion of your exam and x-rays, the dentist will provide you with a treatment plan in writing that sets out a clear path for achieving the desired outcome you are seeking to improve your smile.

All treatment from $500 up to $25,000 are awarded an automatic 25% Grant. (See the Grant Payment Guide)

If your treatment plan is over $25,000, all costs above that amount are awarded a 30% Grant.

Grant Payment Guide

Treatment Plan Cost:
Tier 1

$500 - $25,000

Grant: 25%

Treatment Plan Cost:
Tier 2

$25,000 +

Grant: 30%

Step 3: Starting Your

Your Patient Advocate will confirm the amount of your Grant and help guide your options.

Once everything is acceptable to you, you can schedule your first appointment with the dentist.


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Additional information:

  • The Dental Grant is settled by the dental office and is applied toward your treatment plan thereby reducing its overall cost. 

  • You will be financially responsible for the remaining portion of your treatment plan that is owing after the Dental Grant is deducted.

  • You may be asked to demonstrate that you are able to pay for the portion of your dental work not covered by the Grant.

  • Following your examination, you must notify your Patient Advocate if you wish to accept treatment. Failure to start treatment may result in the forfeiture or indefinite delay of your Grant.

  • If you accept treatment, you will need to commit to a payment schedule and you may book your initial appointment to begin treatment.

  • The Dental Grant can only be used at a participating dentist.

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