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Dental Grants for Implants, Basic & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Introducing the Patient Plus+ Program

What are the Benefits?

As a Dental Grant Applicant, you can qualify for enrollment in the Patient Plus+ Program once you book your initial exam.

Payment Plan Installments

Pay for the part of your dental work that's not covered by the Grant with an easy-to-manage interest-free weekly installment plan. 


Pay over time and as you make your installment payments, your available balance is reusable for future dental work you may need, such as follow-up appointments, subsequent treatment phases or emergency dental work.

Dental Payment Installment Plan

EXAMPLE: $1500 revolving line of credit:

Payment owing to the Dentist:

Each payment per week:

$11.53 Processing Fee:

Each Payment

Total Amount Paid:






*There are no interest charges, however a processing fee as low as $7.69 will apply per installment and you can pay your balance at any time to avoid upcoming processing fees.

To be eligible for a 5% bonus Grant and Payment Plan options, you must enroll before starting your dental treatment.

Additional 5% Grant

When you enroll in the Patient Plus+ Program, you'll enjoy an additional 5% reduction in the cost of your dental work.

Here's How:

Dental Payment Plans
payment plan
5% added Grant

Payment Plan - Make interest-free* weekly installments to pay for the part of your dental work that's not covered by the Grant

5% Extra Grant - Enjoy an additional 5% Grant on top of the 25%

Improve Your Credit Score - Automatically improve your credit score every time you make a payment for your dental work.

To receive the additional 5% Grant, you must be enrolled in the Patient Plus+ Program and will need to make your dental payments from your assigned bank account.

You will receive the additional 5% Grant whether you make your payments in full, or select an approved payment schedule.

You will not receive the extra 5% Grant if you pay the dentist directly for your dental work.

Use Your Dental Payments to help Improve Your Credit Score

Improve your credit score by making on-time regular payments for your dental work, which can qualify you for higher spending privileges.

Credit Score
improve your credit

We report your payments to the credit bureau, which boosts your credit score, potentially allowing you to also access lower interest rates on other credit products like a mortgage or car loan.

Dental Bill

Enroll Today

You’ve got enough on your plate so we’ve made everything simple.

The Dental Grants Program is one of the best ways to save money on your dental work while making affordable, hassle-free payments.

Funds are automatically pulled from your account on a w
eekly schedule and the additional Grant is automatically deducted from the payments you will make.

ust set it and forget it.

How to Apply

You'll receive an invitation to enroll after you attend for your initial consultation with a participating dentist.

It takes just a few minutes to set up and is 100% secure.

You must be over 18, a resident of Canada or the United States and meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify. Delinquency fees may apply. Full terms and conditions for Payment Plan Installments are subject to the Payment Installment Agreement

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