Dental Grants for Implants, Basic & Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

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Payment Plans

As a Dental Grant Applicant, you automatically qualify for a payment plan to help pay for the remaining balance of your dental cost after the Grant has been deducted.

To be eligible for a Payment Plan, you must enroll before starting your dental treatment.

- Pay in installments

- No Interest charges*

- Use the Plan only when you want to

- Get automatic approval
- Don't delay treatment due to a financial gap

Dental Payment Installment Plan

What are the Benefits?

There's no obligation to use the installment plan, but it's there if you need it.

For example, urgent dental treatment can be addressed right away rather than waiting until you save extra money or apply for a personal loan.

For larger or more complex cases, you can divide your dental treatment into smaller phases and then make installment payments for each phase over time.

As you make your installment payments, the amounts you pay become available again to use for your next phase of dental work, if needed.

Making your scheduled payments on time even helps build your personal credit score which may then qualify you for larger amounts over longer periods of time.

And since all on-time payments are reported to the credit bureau, you're even improving your personal credit score which may help you get lower interest rates for other consumer loans.

How it Works

After the dentist completes your dental work, you will receive an account statement by email showing the balance you owe.

To pay your balance in full, simply do nothing at the time you receive the email and the entire amount will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card or bank account within 48 hours.**

Dental Bill

**Subject to enrollment in the Payment Plan Program. 

If you prefer to separate your balance into short term payments, act within 24 hours by selecting an installment plan up.

Payments are 100% secure.

As you pay down your balance, your installment privileges become available to you again for future dental work you may need, such as follow-up appointments, subsequent treatment phases or emergency dental work.

What if you need a lot of dental work that cannot be divided into smaller phases?

On a case-by-case basis, you can apply to increase your installment line of credit by requesting a higher limit or asking for more time to pay. We may need additional information from you, but we'll always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Pay No Interest

*There are no interest charges, however a nominal $12.50 processing fee will apply per installment and you can pay your balance at any time to avoid upcoming processing fees.

Dental Payment Plans

EXAMPLE: 13 week installment plan:

Payment owing to the Dentist:

Each payment per week:

$12.50 Service Charge:

Each Payment

Total Amount Paid:






How to Apply

You'll receive an invitation to enroll in the Payment Plan Program after you book your initial exam with a participating dentist, and at select other times.

Complete the enrollment process and get instant access to an installment plan.

Your installment limit will depend on the information we have on file and you can apply for higher limits and extended payment terms by providing more details about your income and expenses.

Paying for your dental bill with Payment Installments allows you to receive dental work now when you need it most without worrying about having to pay the dentist upfront.

But don't forget to enroll - we will need time to activate your account and verify your payment information before you complete your dental work.

The terms and conditions for enrollment in the Payment Plan Program are subject to the Payment Installment Agreement